Why are you removing the free plan?

Unfortunately the Free plan in Bokio does not fully live up to our expectations, and we have also seen that our free users do not appreciate the limitations to the free plan. Therefore, we have decided to focus on the paid plans and rearrange these two into one in order to improve, refine and create new features. This will enable our users to run their accounting in a more efficient and productive way.

Why are you increasing the prices?

We continuously review what we offer, and we have now amended the pricing to be able to offer a better product to our users. The revenue will be used to speed up development of upcoming features and create even better services.

What is Bokio Premium?

Bokio Premium is the name of our new price plan replacing all of the old price plans. Bokio Premium will include all current and future features to make it easier for you to decide.

What happens if I do not upgrade from the free plan to the Premium plan?

If you are on the Bokio Free plan, and do not upgrade to the Premium plan, you will no longer have access to your company as well as the data from 1st October. To get access to your company and data after 1st October, you need to upgrade to Premium.

When do I need to upgrade?

By 30th September you need to upgrade to the Premium plan, in order to continue using Bokio.

What happens to my yearly payment plan I have recently registered? Will I be billed again?

You will continue on the yearly plan you have registered, however it will change to the new plan Premium. You will not be charged for any further costs. Next time we are about to charge you for your yearly subscription, we will withdraw the new amount from the card you set up your payment with.

What happens to my monthly payment plan I recently registered for? Will you increase the monthly payment?

Bokio will stop offering monthly payment plans and the shortest time period to subscribe to a plan for Premium is quarterly. This change will happen 1st October.

Why are you removing monthly billing?

Bokio is now adapting to the market where it is practised to offer quarterly and annual subscriptions. We work on building long-term customer relationships, and we want to encourage business owners as well as give them the time to test features in the software.

When will you start billing for the new price?

For existing customers, the new price of Bokio Premium starts at the first withdrawal after 30th September. For new users, the price as well as the changes of the price plans, will apply from 1st September.

I do not need to use all of the features in the software, can I pay for the features I use only?

No, it is not possible to pay for some of the features in the software.

What are the terms and conditions of the sign up offer for Free users, who upgrade by 1st October?

As a special offer, the companies in Bokio that are currently on the free plan, will get a complimentary voucher of £100 with Amazon, if they sign up by 30th September 2023.

I have not received an email with the information about the price plan changes?

The information about the price plan changes has been sent via email on the 1st September 2023, to the user that is registered as the owner of a company in Bokio. Have a look in the trash folder and / or spam folder in your email, perhaps it has ended up there!


For further information, go to our Price plan FAQ help article