If you have received the following error message when attempting to Update VAT list in Bokio “Unfortunately we were unable to fetch your VAT Returns. This is due to entering invalid HMRC details, please view this help page to see how to resolve this." Here's how to proceed.

1. Please check if your VAT number is correct, by going to Settings and then Contact information and company type and compare this to HMRC.

2. Double check that you are registered for MTD with HMRC by logging in to the HMRC website. This process can take up to 72 hours.

3. Do you already have another company connected to your Bokio account that has set up VAT Returns with HMRC? If you do, we only connect to 1 HMRC account per user. A way around this is to invite another user or email address and refresh the list from that account.

4. If you are an accountant, check with HMRC that you have an Agent/Client relationship in place as you may not have linked the client or the client has not signed up to MTD.

5. Finally, it may be that you initially tried to connect with an incorrect HMRC login and password. If this is the case you can remove the connection to Bokio by going to this HMRC page and removing Bokio.

If you have reviewed all 5 steps and still are unable to fetch your VAT Returns, please contact support@bokio.co.uk with a screenshot of the error and explaining that you have already tried all potential 5 steps to resolve this and we will investigate further.