Free bookkeeping software

Scan receipts and bookkeep the cost directly in your mobile. No hassle with binders or papers. An Bookkeeping software have never been easier.

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Automatic bookkeeping - Bokio helps you


1 Photo you receipts

You can take a photo of or upload a pdf directly to Bokio. Bookkeep your records directly or later.


2. Automatic bookkeeping

Let Bokio interpret your receipt or invoice and automatically create your verifications. Bokio automatically records invoices and wages that you create.


3. Financial statements and declaration

Analyse charts to see how your business is going. Bokio also helps with VAT reports, financial statements and declarations to the HRMC.

Bookeeping made easy

Do as thousands of other business owners, use Bokio for free forever. Add our additional support or bookkeeping expert services to manage your business.

Always Free

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Se how it works to bookkeep in Bokio

Bokio is powerful and simple. Even without knowledge of Bookkeeping, it should be possible to run companies and manage your Bookkeeping. Take your mobile or send your receipt by email to Bokio for easy bookkeeping and all data is stored securely in an digital format.

Voices regarding Bokio payroll


Marcus Tybell

"We are several companies selling Craft Beers, both production and distribution. We like to be forefront of all possible technologies that make us work better and easier. Administration should be playful easily. The choice became easy for us That is why we use Bokio payroll system so we instead can focus on what we think is fun instead! Will be interesting if we could be more effective with their new services."



Kajsa Fried

Moon AB, Accountant

“As a bookkeeping consultant, I appreciate a system that actually makes my job easier even when my customers have made their own wages. It has been exciting to be involved in developing a tool that will really make it easier for all my business owners!"


Simon Jakobsson

Co-founder, Tokyo traffic Jam Studios AB

"We are a film studio who wants to track our wages ourselves, but we are not interested in making it difficult for us." Bokio makes this possible for us and the result looks nice as well, thank you!!