Bokio is currently working on being a HMRC approved software to support MTD for VAT. Find out more here

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Free payroll software

Save time & paperwork, create your payslips through your phone, tablet or computer. Bokio is always accessible. Completely free.

Free payroll management

Save time & paperwork, create your payroll specifications via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Bokio is always on hand. Totally free.

Free, flexible & cloudbased

Easily manage all your payroll administration for free

Generate BankGiro file

Pay out salaries with generated bank giro file

Generate your tax report

In compliance with HRMC

Manage expenses & reimbursement

Manage additional expenses added by your employees

How it works

Define your employees, salary and other details once. Then bokio takes care about your payroll & expense management.

1. Create Employee

Create unlimited employees and define salaries & other benefits.

2. Define & Payout Salaries

Simple steps to payout salaries & generate BankGiro file for bank.

3. Create » Send Tax Report

Easy report generation for the tax submission

4. Integrated Bookkeeping

Integrated & automated bookkeeping of salary.

Manage Expenses

Easy to maintain addional expenses added by your employees
Upload Receipts
Validate Entries
Bookkeep Expenses
Schedule & Pay

Get started

Easy to use and always free without annoying limitations. Add our additional support or accounting expertise if you need additional help.
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