When iZettle events can’t be handled

We can’t record some events in iZettle automatically. This means that you have to go in and review the event and possibly record it manually.

iZettle events Bokio doesn’t support

We don’t support automatic recording of the following iZettle events:

  • Adjustment
  • E-money transfer
  • Cancellation of fee discount
  • Frozen assets
  • Unknown event type
  • Activation of coupon

These events may need to be recorded manually. Once managed, you can Mark as managed in the iZettle integration list.

The integration doesn’t support recording sales made via e-commerce. These are excluded from the daily takings.

iZettle events we don’t know about

There may be some iZettle events that we are not yet aware of e.g. when iZettle adds the functionality of a new type event. In these cases, you may need to manually record these events. You can email support@bokio.co.uk if these are recurring events.

Once managed, you can Mark as handled in the iZettle integration list.

Error message in Bokio

Failed to retrieve iZettle events

If a failed import occurs, contact our support at support@bokio.se to resolve it.