Get started with iZettle in Bokio

This is a beta service and is currently only enabled for select companies. If this is something you are interested in email us at

The iZettle integration will automatically record journal entries in Bokio based on events in your iZettle account. Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Navigate to iZettle integration

Navigate to the iZettle integration in the page navigation under Additional Services → Integrations

Step 2: Select account

The first time you register in iZettle, you select the payment account in Bokio that iZettle pays the money collected from card sales to, for example, 1200.

Step 3: Select the date of import

Choose the date you would like to import journal entries from, and iZettle will start importing iZettle events from this date. It must be a date in the past.

Step 4: Click Connect to iZettle and import

Click the Connect and Import button from iZettle to import events. Journal entries will be recorded for iZettle events from the selected date, even if you have already recorded these events.

Step 5: Log in to iZettle

You will be navigated to a window where iZettle will ask you to log in. Enter your iZettle username and password here and click log in.

Step 6: Accept connection

Approve the integration between Bokio and iZettle.

You will then be shown the following page and journal entries will appear once they have been fetched.