Set and amend opening balances manually

Opening balances can be found under Settings → Set the opening balance for the first year.

You can change these by entering each balance on a new line:

Account number 1:Amount
Account number 2:Amount



For this to be correct, you also need to consider the following:

All debits must be entered as positive numbers and credits should be entered as negatives.

Those accounts beginning with 1 are assets so should be a positive value and should be set like this: 1200:10000. If it is a negative value, set it like this instead: 1200:-10000

When processing debt accounts beginning with 2, the reverse applies.
Accounts where you have a debt should be stated like this: 2100:-10000.
If the account has a negative opening balance, enter it like this: 2100:10000

Once you’ve finished entering the details and have saved your work, always double-check the balance report to make sure that the assets and liabilities and equity are balanced.