Approve expenses

As an administrator in Bokio you can approve employees’ expenses. If you have the required permission to both record and approve there is no separate approval step. This will instead take place in conjunction with the entry of a bookkeeping record.

Once the expense item is approved, it will disappear from the “Approve” tab in To do and move to “Bookkeep material”. For those who have the requisite permission to enter bookkeeping records (but not approve), you can now record the documentation.


  • Users with the permission to both enter records and approve need not approve as this takes place in conjunction with the entry of a record.
  • Users with the permission to enter records but not approve can record the expense item only once it has been approved by another user with this permission.
  • Users with the permission to approve but not enter records can approve the receipt but not record it.

User permissions can be managed in Settings → Users or in expenses permissions.

Reject expenses

Only the user that has uploaded the expense item can adjust it if there’s something wrong, such as the amount or if the expense item is just not a valid expense. In this case, as an administrator you can reject the expense item. Click on the edit icon on the line of the expense in “To do” and then “Reject”.

If an expense item is rejected because the information is incorrect (e.g. the amount or date), the employee must resubmit the expense.