Why is Bokio free?

Why is Bokio free?

Free accounting software with no catch? You’ve found it right here. Find out why Bokio's software will be free forever with no ‘trial period’, paywall or hidden costs.

Bokio's key features —accounting, invoicing and expenses— will always be free to use. You can record unlimited transactions, invoices and expenses without any annoying limitations. As long as you do your accounting yourself, you won’t pay us a penny.

Why is the software free?

Here at Bokio, we are entrepreneurs ourselves, and we have the experience that reducing your costs can make a real positive impact on your business.

We find it unfair that small business owners and sole traders should pay unreasonably large fees to do their accounting and invoicing. Especially when accounting software is a must have for managing your company's finances.

This is why we want to help you manage your money in a simple and easy way, with free accounting and free support. That way, you can spend your time on what matters; taking your business from strength to strength.

But how do we earn money at Bokio?

Our company is funded by customers who pay for additional services such as Priority Support and help with year-end closures.

Our CEO and founder, Viktor Stensson, says; “When we started Bokio we thought ‘why should something that’s essential also cost so much money for small businesses?’ So we thought, can we change it? If we offer the system for free and also make it very easy for small companies maybe there are other ways for us to make money.”

Will it always be free?

Yes. As Bokio grows quickly we promise that our values won't change. Bokio will always be free for your business owners as long as you do the job yourself.

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