Do your own bookkeeping in 4 easy steps, for free!

Let's face it bookkeeping can be boring, tedious, and sometimes stressful. Wait a second, did you just say bookkeeping? How do you actually bookkeep?

As a business owner you have bigger fish to fry. You probably didn't start your business for the beauty of its administrative work.

You shouldn't spend hours discovering the intricacies of bookkeeping. Instead you should be focusing on what matters to you: your business.

That's why we wanted to make running your business effortless. Turn these duties into smooth and carefree moments. From now on you can do your own bookkeeping in 4 easy steps. It's easy and free.

Step 1: Upload material

Once you've logged into Bokio (Read how to create an account in Bokio) hit '+New' to start bookkeeping



From which you will have a drop down menu where you can select the item you want to upload, whether it is a receipt, file or a bank import.

drop down menu


Tip: You can send files or receipts directly by email to your Bokio inbox to have these items immediately in the system without having to troubleshoot with downloads and uploads from your computer (to find more about your personal inbox go to Settings > Accounting > Inbox).

Step 2: Select the nature of your material 

Bookkeep in Bokio


Step 3: Bookkeep

According to the nature of your material, select the appropriate category to start bookkeeping.

Bookkeep in Bokio


Lastly, enter the amount, date of payment, and account to bookkeep on. Click on 'Next'.

last step in bookkeeping


Step 4: Confirm

One last check to make sure that everything is correct and you are good to go.

Confirm bookkeeping


Now that you have nailed bookkeeping, you will find more information on your financial situation in the 'Reports' section to stay aware of your business and financial health at anytime. 

You don't have an account yet?

Bokio is forever free of charge, so come along and get started for free now


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