Free payroll system

Save time & paperwork, create your payslips through your phone, tablet or computer. Bokio is always accessible. Completely free.


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Flexibel and cloudbased

With Bokio you can easily manage all your payroll administration in our payroll software, just as easily via your phone, tablet or computer.


100% free forever

Payroll administration should not cost either time or money. Bokio is free regardless of employees.

Why free payroll software?


Designed for your business

We created Bokio to fit our own needs as self-employed, by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. No more need for billing templates.

How does it work?


1. Add employee

You can create and add unlimited employees then just fill in their information and start making payslips!


2. Fyll in payslips

Let Bokio take care of tedious calculations, just choose what to include in the payslip specification in our digital payroll program, completely free.


3. Print and send

You will receive proffesional salary specs directly that you can both print or email. Bokio also helps with pay slips documentation and declarations to the HMRC. 


Bookeeping made easy

Do as thousands of other business owners, use Bokio for free forever. Add our additional support or bookkeeping expert services to manage your business.

Always Free

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Why free?

We know that small saving of money make a big difference for UK Businesses and entrepreneurs. We want to simplify your everyday lives by automating your financial work without it costing money.

Bokio will always be free, if you do the job yourself using our bookkeeping robot.

We are funded by customers who purchase our additional services. This allows Bokio to grow and get even better.